Wide World of Sports



calgary, AB

Have enjoyed sports photography for 30 years now. My two sons have been involved in many sports so love to capture those special moments. To be a photo journalist at the olympics would be a dream come true. I have be training for that opportunity for a long time.

Passion on Ice



St. Catharines, ON

The sentiments of drama, glory, heartbreak, humour, and artistry are captured in this collection of photos from Canada's beloved ice sports. Whether you're a pro or amateur, world or league champion, the same passion for sports can be ignited in all of us; our own flame and Olympic spirit.

Unique sports, unique shots!



Kelowna, BC

As an athlete myself, I know what the love of the game feels like first hand. Through my photography, I hope to help others capture that passion!

BC Passion



Kamloops, BC

From the Kamloops Broncos Football to playing on and above the Shuswap Lakes, we love to play hard and do it with photograpic style.

Concentration and Celebration



Mississauga, ON

The intense eyes of a high-performance athlete during competition shows the incredible concentration necessary to be successful. The jubilation of victory proves all the training is worth it!

Varsity Sports at their best



Fredericton , NB

With Sports photography you are always looking to capture the emotion of the game. These are some of the photographs I have taken in the past year at the University of New Brunswick that highlight the talent that student athletes have to offer.

The Edge of Adrenaline



Kelowna, BC

Freezing the moments and elements of time continues to fascinate me. I love when you capture the second, where the pinnacle of the power lives; especially with athletics.

A Year in Sports



St. Catharines, ON

Sports photography has always been something I have had an interest in. For the last year living in Saskatchewan I was able to attend and photograph many sporting events. This is something I love to do and hope one day to be able to work as a professional sports photgrapher.

Melting pot of sports!



Belleville, ON

Shooting sport is not only a hobbie, it's a life style,a mix of art and journalism, it's all about finding a different angle and press the shutter at the exact good moment. Sport Photography what photography is all about.

Family + Sports



Leith, ON

Sports and family go hand in hand. Sports allow us to spend quality time together, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and teach us how to be gracious competitors - all echoes of the Olympic Ideal. In this photo essay I capture the grace of My Family + Sports.